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Category: Opinion

Business operating during COVID

Date: Apr 4, 2021

business operating during COVID

Complete facility disinfection solutions with effective, affordable and guaranteed results.

Suggestions: You might have some that are not on here, we would be glad to hear about them. Together we will accomplish more.

What you should know about operating your business during COVID

  1. Take the temperature of all incoming people into your business.
  2. Set up an operation manual that adheres to regulations. Check with local laws set up expressly for COVID.
  3. Set up a disinfection protocol that is superior to your competitions. (disinfection is an opportunity to show your employees and customers you care). Talk to us we can help you.
  4. Set up customer protocol. Talk to us we can help you. Talk to us we can help you.
  5. Communicate with everyone about what you are doing family, employees, customers, local newspapers, blogs, social media, your website, everywhere.
  6. Think about who could work from home, and this has an advantage for you and your employee: cost, effectiveness, happiness, the comfort of safety etc. Keep in touch with them daily, weekly, monthly. Check their work (you will probably find production increases because of lack of attention distracting etc.)
  7. Communication abundantly is critical.
  8. Have daily, weekly, monthly online meetings, pieces of training etc.
  9. Make sure your online and marketing online is optimized (website, social media, marketing streamlining, CRM, nurture etc.). Use in-house or a pro.
  10. Make sure your google my business is set up effectively. Use a pro. They know what they are doing.
  11. Make sure your telecommunications are correctly setup.
  12. Make sure to whitelist for people you need to communicate with on the email platform.
  13. Make sure your hours of operation are well displayed on your website.
  14. Make sure you post COVID updates relating to your business, CRM your steady clientele on all info and your protocols.
  15. Make sure customers are aware of fulfilment changes before they order.
  16. Setup e-commerce if possible.
  17. Connect with customers virtually
  18. Offer specials where your cost has decreased or even adjust pricing. People will appreciate your honesty.
  19. Use downtime to develop protocols, educate and grow.
  20. Understand everyone’s concerns, and this is very important; it’s not about you. It’s about them. If someone is scared to let them work at home, you will get better employee relations for this act of kindness.
  21. Listen to what people are saying or what they are trying to say.
  22. Offer flexible work arrangements.
  23. Send symptomatic worker’s home.
  24. Business travel has to be evaluated, what’s the protocol of incoming employees once they travel etc. What is the restriction of what they do? Does a good company policy cover them if they get COVID while on a trip for your company?
  25. Ask employees to notify you if they have a family member who has COVID or is showing symptoms.
  26. Maintain privacy. Do not share private information about employees with others. Keep things general.
  27. Develop a business continuity plan that considerers the present and future after COVID.
  28. Continue the disinfection protocol, and we are hearing of a lot fewer sick days because everyone is hygienically better.
  29. Make sure you have a protocol for everything, incoming supplies, supplier visits etc.

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Thank you for considering us. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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