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Date: Feb 12, 2021

Complete facility disinfection solutions with effective, affordable and guaranteed results.customer relations

We believe we can be an important part of daily life for our customers, by making things easy and comfortable for them, before they even consider buying our products.

We believe in becoming the most reliable source of education and information to help them make the right decisions when considering disinfection options. We are focused on growing our business through trust and accurate education that seems to be lacking from other sources.

Since the COVID pandemic began, it seems that everyone is selling disinfection equipment, with conflicting information, claiming theirs is the best solution. However, we feel that the disinfection processes (protocols) used are just as important as the sanitizers and disinfectants. Even using an ordinary hand pump sprayer will still give you appropriate protection, if you apply the right products correctly and allow the proper contact and dwell times.

We offer informative up-to-date articles for people who believe that hygiene is important for themselves, their families, customers, and employees. While we are in business to make a profit, we strongly feel that it’s more important to focus on how we do it; ethically, honestly, and informative.

With COVID, it has become a “buy this product; buy that product” campaign. People are confused by all the hype and we cannot blame them. They have many reasonable questions like: How do I make the right choice for my situation? What should I buy? Which option is the best value? How can I best protect myself and others? How do I know the information is accurate and up-to-date? Can I believe all the claims being made? Etc.

We would like to earn the attention and gain the trust of the right audience by continually creating value for them. I hope this clearly explains our concept. Our business is serious about teaching you the facts, hoping that you will eventually become a customer. We hope that all of our readers sign up for our newsletters and email updates. And we look forward to honest reviews and feedback, good, bad, or otherwise. That will only help us improve our value to our customers. If it’s good, we will thank you. If it’s not, we will immediately contact you to resolve the issue as best as we can. Even if you do not become a customer, we will continue to teach and share our information for as long as you allow us.

P.S. Free 50,000 sq ft worth of disinfectant “FREE” for first-time buyers of any sprayer.

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Thank you for considering us. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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