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This is a very important and often overlooked aspect of disease/infection prevention. Fomite transmission is referred to as the transmission of infectious diseases by objects (surfaces), or germs left on objects. For example, sneezing into your hands then shaking hands before washing and causing the person to get sick as a result.

At our company, we address this issue is by protecting you in the best ways we know how, by suggesting the following recommendations on a regular basis.germ transfer

  1. If possible (we know it’s not always possible) create a hand-washing station at all entrances.
  2. Appropriate PPE for all employees and customers at your business.
  3. A rigorous hand (and general) hygiene program, will play an important role in preventing the spread of infection.
  4. Electrostatic or ULV Sprayers used with Certified EPA or Health Canada Disinfectants that are safe for you. (You can discuss this with us once you are a customer of ours)
  5. Keeping surface high touchpoints clean and safe with our NanoSeptic self-cleaning surface technology.
  6. While water is not part of fomite transmission, it is very important and our Quantum Disinfection is critical to reopening or using in existing buildings. Bacterial diseases are easily transmitted through stagnant or non-purified water.
  7. The air quality on the premises can also play a key role to help address this issue. We strongly urge you to install HEPA filters for your ventilation and vacuum cleaners.

Disinfectants and disinfecting protocols, including frequency of use, is very important.  In particular, the selection of the disinfectant you will use is a major component.  Get that wrong, and it can be expensive. There are two types of disinfectants: ready to use and concentrates. Ready-to-use disinfectants are convenient and can be effective, but there is an added cost for that convenience.

Not all disinfectant concentrates are the same. They should all be EPA or Health Canada registered, but not all of them will kill the pathogens of concern. If you require more information on fomite transmission you can find many articles online at the CDC, WHO etc.

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