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Electrostatic vs. ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) vs. Fogging

Date: Feb 7, 2021
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Hello Again. Hope you and yours are still well and safe. This is another article in our continuing series.

Are you confused as to the difference between electrostatic sprayers, ULV sprayers, and foggers? Well, you are not alone. In this article, we are covering some basic misunderstandings and perceptions that have convinced people that electrostatic spraying is the most effective method of disinfecting.

Both electrostatic and ULV are effective in their own ways and we need to understand the differences. It seems most people believe that they are not as well protected unless they use the electrostatic option. Some good marketing and mixed information have caused this perception. In our opinion, each one is definitely different in the way they spray, but not really in the effectiveness of disinfecting. That is why we sell both types so that you have options and are able to make your own choices.

The wrap-around effect with Electrostatic sprayers means exactly that; it wraps around. This means you can disinfect surfaces, including the back, sides, and crevices of objects.

ULV sprayers, on the other hand, are better for treating open areas where you are not concerned about vertical surfaces. They do not electrically charge the solution. However, the ULV sprayer will attain the same end result as the electrostatic systems, but with higher production and capacity, killing 99.99% of pathogens. ULV also has the ability to be adjusted to allow for an optimal droplet size based on the surface being disinfected. Electrostatic sprayers may have some adjustments but not as flexible as the ULV sprayers on the market today.

Foggers are used mainly in agricultural applications and should not be used to disinfect homes, businesses, and institutions. They have been tested by the CDC and EPA and proved to be ineffective in these types of applications.
Remember, the sprayer is just the sprayer. What’s more important is cleaning the surface first, then sanitizing it. The last step is disinfecting. The important factors are the contact and dwell times of your disinfectant. Always read the label and only use products approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Health Canada, or CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Also, make sure you keep chemicals out of children’s reach. Do not spray toys or anything the children can put in their mouths. Use extra precautions by washing everything they touch.

Thank you for considering us. Stay safe and stay healthy. Disinfection specialist for over 15 years.

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