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Cleaning and Disinfection Checklist

Date: Apr 4, 2021

disinfection checklist

Complete facility disinfection solutions with effective, affordable and guaranteed results.

COVID and Everyday Disinfection Checklist (what do I really need to consider)

Buy cleaning products: Depending on the business (different areas and type), you might need multiple items. This list can be added as required. Walk around and look at everything; you might find things we did not mention.

In a separate document, we will be discussing procedures. If you did not get it, let us know.

  1. First aid kit (this should consist of protection of all kinds including eyes, consult sellers)
  2. The mouthpiece for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  3. Blanket’s disposable throw away is better
  4. Vacuum with HEPA filter and attachments for carpet and other surfaces
  5. Mob and Bucket
  6. Window squeegee
  7. Slippery floor signs
  8. Microfiber good quality cloth (separate colour coded for different applications and areas)
  9. Glass Cleaning clothes
  10. Cleaning bucket with a handle to carry supplies
  11. Dusters (long and short)
  12. Rubber Gloves
  13. Disinfectant wipes for everywhere
  14. Cleaning brushes
  15. Laundry bag
  16. Department, grocery stores, larger stores should have multiple sprayers below
  17. Electrostatic sprayer for vehicles, boats, trucks etc.
  18. Electrostatic sprayer for mining, industry, factories, processing, etc.
  19. Ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayer mining, industry, factories, forestry, etc.
  20. Electrostatic sprayer for restaurants, halls, schools, libraries etc.
  21. Electrostatic sprayer for complete store, office, farming etc.
  22. Ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayer for complete store, office, farming etc.
  23. Electrostatic sprayer for till area (must be electrostatic because of electronics)
  24. Electrostatic sprayer for tools (must be electrostatic because of tools)
  25. Electrostatic or ULV sprayer for washrooms (staff and potentially customers)
  26. Electrostatic or ULV sprayer for lunch rooms
  27. Electrostatic or ULV sprayer for change rooms
  28. Electrostatic or ULV sprayer for new stock coming in
  29. Shoe cover (to keep the floor clean)
  30. Personal protective equipment (PPE), mask, safety glasses etc.
  31. PPE for customers (mask, gloves, safety glasses)
  32. Hand Sanitizer read our blog about Hand Sanitizer Safety- be careful when choosing
  33. Glass cleaning liquid
  34. Garbage bags
  35. Paper towels
  36. Toilet paper
  37. Hand air dryer
  38. Nose Tissue
  39. Hand wash station
  40. Eyewash station
  41. Cleaning soap
  42. Dish soap
  43. Dishwasher soap
  44. Cleaning sanitizer
  45. Certified disinfectant
  46. Pump for the bucket of disinfectant
  47. Air freshener
  48. Heavy-duty degreaser
  49. Detergent
  50. Laundry soap
  51. Furniture polish
  52. Oven Cleaner
  53. Stainless steel cleaner
  54. Toilet and shower cleaner (separate or all in one for mould, mildew and grime)
  55. Stain remover
  56. Wood cleaner
  57. Restaurant grill stones
  58. Char broiler brush
  59. Nano septic product line (elevator button, door handle, toilet handle etc.)
  60. Quantum water filters (closed for a while. This is very important) talk to us
  61. Ventilation use HEPA filters (wear proper PPE to change) or hire HVAC Pro
  62. Infrared temperature
  63. Clothing store, department store (2 bins one for hangers and one for clothes)
  64. Steamer to disinfect clothing, hangers’ couches or any cloth surfaces
  65. Pen containers 2 of them one for clean and one for used
  66. Signs showing customers your protocol
  67. Disinfection scheduling sheets
  68. Timer in each washroom to remind of disinfection
  69. Timer for till to remind of disinfection
  70. Customer counter to make sure you are adhering to social distancing


Add your own. Please share with us if you add so we can benefit all.

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Thank you for considering us. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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