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Electrostatic Sprayers

We provide safety for you, your employees and your customer, guaranteed

Effective disinfection of contact surfaces against harmful contagious bacteria and viruses has now become routine. This is especially necessary for all facilities open to the public or large groups.

Disinfection Services We Offer

Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting?

Cleaning is the removal of debris such as organic and inorganic material (often called “soil”) from objects and surfaces.


How does electrostatic disinfection work?

When our disinfection droplets exit the electrostatic sprayer, they are given a positive electrical charge.

ULV Sprayers/Foggers

What is a ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) fogging machine?

ULV fogging equipment is used for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides.

GRIZZLY Disinfection Brand

What is the best disinfectant for me to use?

The best way to choose a disinfectant is to first evaluate what you are disinfecting. We offer free advise. All you need to do is contact us, we would be happy to help.

Our disinfection products include the following:


Sprayers and Foggers:

Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers: As our disinfection droplets exit the electrostatic sprayer, they are given a positive electrical charge. This charge repels the particles from each other, creating a fine mist, and gives them more attraction to all neutral surfaces that you are trying to disinfect. Just like magnets, they are drawn to surfaces that are negatively charged.

ULV disinfection sprayers/foggers: The ULV application process has been a well-established method in the agricultural industry for over 40 years. Fog machines were used to fumigate and as a process for insects and pests. ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machines are used for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides.


Sanitizers: Achieve a deep clean and eliminate spotting with this PERdiem SmartDose Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology general-purpose cleaner. Pre-treat carpets with this hydrogen peroxide-based general-purpose cleaner to remove stubborn stains and ground-in dirt.


Certified Disinfectant Solutions & Hospital Grade Disinfectants: We supply disinfectants for both ready-to-use and just pour and use. Or we have a concentrated formula that you can dilute 1:128 or 1:116. These liquids are registered with the EPA and Health Canada or CDC, or just EPA or Health Canada or CDC. Please consult with us and we will guide you if you have any questions. Our disinfectants are registered to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) in one minute, and some have a five-minute dwell time.


Ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner wipes based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP) technology deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. EPA, FDA, and Health Canada (DIN# 02283530) Certified Against COVID Disinfects in 60 seconds.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Accessories:

PPE: Canadian Made Quality Disposable N95 respirator mask, with “Medical Grade” thickened four-layer design filters more than 95% of particles. Light-weight collapse-resistant shell. Disposable soft-lined masks for personal protection – latex and fibreglass free.

  • Children’s pleated three-layer design with ear-loop and adjustable nose-piece for convenience and comfort.
  • Premium “Medical Quality” face shield/guard protects against viral contamination. Removable construction features a replaceable shield, foam padding and Velcro straps that we keep in stock.
  • High quality goggles and gloves for handling sanitizers and disinfectants.

Our sprayers also have been tested to make sure they are up to our standards. These tested sprayers are labelled as Grizzly BrandOur one-year warranty is one of the best in the industry. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need more information. We would be glad to customize your experience to fit your needs and budget. We offer free department training online or can customize and suggest proper disinfection procedures to fit your needs.

Grizzly-H- Very Powerful, Exceptional Coverage

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Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find a full range of quality disinfection products using the latest electrostatic and ULV technology available. We offer premium products for complete, effective, and safe disinfection for all applications at the best prices.

Hurry Up

During this unprecedented time of worldwide demand for disinfection products, all of our manufacturers have ramped up production to meet the increased level of orders. However, there continues to be a backlog.

Any items currently in stock in our Canadian facilities will be shipped within two weeks. Back-ordered items may take five to eight weeks, depending on the item and quantity you choose and the delivery schedules of the carriers. Similarly, any special order items may take 8-12 weeks, while priority is given to mainstay items for institutional and household use.

All orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please use our e-commerce system (Shop, Cart, Checkout) to reserve your place in our order queue. We will continue to communicate with you via email on the progress of your order and expected delivery date.

We have not increased our prices during this crisis – and will continue to work with like-minded suppliers in order to maintain the same prices we had since the beginning of the year and throughout this pandemic.

We appreciate you as a customer and look forward to serving you. Which product is right for you? See our shop page or contact us with your individual requirements. We are happy to assess your situation and recommend the most efficient & economical solution.

Reminder: All taxes & freight extra (unless otherwise noted).

PurOxidize, your disinfection professional, offers a complete range of quality electrostatic and ULV disinfection sprayers, foggers, products, and solutions to effectively sanitize and disinfect spaces in any situation. You can search our products from the SHOP menu. Please refer to our Products page for important delivery information.

We also offer “Medical Quality” masks for your day to day protection; in stock and Made in Canada.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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