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Jereh Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers- Engineered with Exceptional Quality


We Guarantee a Price Match- Jereh technology is amongst the best. With offices in Calgary, Alberta. Canada and over 5600 Employees in 70 nations and regions. Jereh's Technology is amongst the best.

Owners Comment: “I have to say this sprayer impressed me”.


A one-touch button allows you to use the sprayer without holding the button down.

The fan is powerful and allows for complete 160º coverage.

The UV at the outlet is an excellent idea as it allows for complete disinfection.

The look of this sprayer is going to impress even the most critical of critics.

The fact that you can purchase an extra battery is a nice feature.

“I just think it’s the best handheld electrostatic sprayer on the market today and for a reasonable price”.


Applicable Taxes & Freight extra. Compact, cordless, sleek design, handheld Electrostatic Sprayer.


The Jereh handheld electrostatic sprayer is durable, reliable and flawless while being very affordable.

It has been engineered to have the longest life span of any pump in the industry. The pump is a core part; other companies life span is between 100-300 hours. Ours is 3000 hours or more.

The Jereh handheld electrostatic sprayer comes with a patent, proven and tested technology

Jereh handheld electrostatic sprayer comes with a CE certification.

Our sprayer comes with a 60dB rating and is extremely quiet, and you can use it without disturbing anyone.

Our spray distance of 6.6' (2 meters) while others only spray 3'-4' (0.9-1.2m).

The droplet diameter of our electrostatic droplets is 30-70 um.

Save on chemical, disinfection time and money, use 50% less disinfectant.

360° Electrostatic Wrapping & Coverage for Complete Disinfection.

Addition of UV Function for Better Disinfection- 5382 sq ft (500m2) Coverage on A Full Bottle.

Double Wind Tunnel with Stronger Spray Power.

Handheld Design with High Flexibility.

Rate of spray 2.8- 4.2 oz/min (80-120 ml/min).

Power is a 24 V Lithium Battery.

Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg) (Battery included, disinfectant not included)

Battery charge time 90 minutes.

Bottle Volume is 24.6 oz (700 ml.)

Endurance of 90 minutes. 


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