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NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces 

Based on technology, not toxins. NanoSeptic skins and mats turn dirty, high traffic public touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. NanoSeptic Skins and Mats turn dirty high traffic, public touchpoints into always self-cleaning surfaces. Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants. Unlike some traditional disinfectants and cleaners, that are not hydrogen peroxide based, the NanoSeptic uses no poisons, heavy metals or chemicals. Nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material. You still need to combine with spraying a good hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant to be completely safe and protected efficiently. Some venues opening soon that have installed NanoSeptic as part of their protection. Customers will notice the NanoSeptic thus giving them a comfortable feeling they can now see your disinfection process in action. Call us today to get a consultation. Minnesota Live Music Venues, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and list goes on……..

Products currently available: 

(Lager quantities of specific products can be imprinted with your logo) 


Small and Large Travel Kits (SKU# – TK03-6 X 9  and TK04-9 X 12)

Comes with reusable pouch. Use on hotel vanity, aeroplane tray table or anywhere you want a cleaner place to rest personal items like toothbrush, medication, jewellery or even snacks while travelling.  

Desk Mat/Placemat (SKU# SM01 – 9 X 12 and DM01-12 X 18”)

Comes with reusable pouch. Use on hotel vanity, aeroplane plane tray table or anywhere you want a cleaner place to rest personal item like toothbrushes, medication, jewellery or even snacks while travelling. Also, SKU# – SK01 is the mat in a tamper-evident reusable pouch.  

Counter Mats with Window (SKU# CM03 11 X 17 and CM04 7 X 17)

The smaller one is perfect for education or daycare settings. The larger one is perfect for desks, cafeterias, and board rooms. This self-cleaning mat is durable and should last the entire school year.  

Security Bin Mat and Handle Wraps (SKU# – SBM01-12 1/8″ X SBW01 3 5/8″) 

Going through security checkpoints means putting shoes and other dirty items in the same bin with things like eyeglasses, glasses and keys. Now those bins can be significantly cleaner. Mats can be branded and made in custom sizes. Perfect for airports, nuclear facilities, government building and other secure facilities. (bins are not included) 

Elevator Button Covers /25 Pack (SKU# ELEV01 – .9 diameter)  These clear plastic buttons covers turn high- traffic public elevator buttons into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Just peel and stick.

Elevator Button Labels /10 pack (SKU# – LAB01) This label tells your customers or users that you have protected the elevator for their protection. The label says nanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Buttons

Touchscreen Film (SKU# – FILM01 – 12 X 18 and FILM02 – 9 X 12)  Clear film. This can be used in restaurants, hospitals and airline kiosks, just to name a few. This nanoSeptic film turns any touchscreen into a continuously self-cleaning surface. Low tack adhesive provides a more secure installation than traditional static cling. It can be cut to fit any size screen.  

Touchscreen Labels /10 pack (SKU# – LAB02)  This label tells your customers or users that you have protected the screen for their protection. The label says nanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Buttons. 

Wide Door Push Bar / 25 pack (SKU# PB05 – 3.6 X 12 and SKU# – PB02 – 4 X 18)  Great for horizontal tubular push bars or square push bars on self-locking doors. 

Door Push/Pull Handle Wrap /25 pack (SKU # PB06 – 4 X 9)  This medium size skin can be used on lots of different touchpoints, but it’s perfect for the square push plates and square pull handles on many glass doors. 

Door Push Pad 25/ pack (SKU # – PP01 – 6 X 9)  Durable and easy to apply and replace; just peel and stick. Perfect for any push door used in bathrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, or on other high traffic entry/exit doors. 

Door Handle Wrap Single or /25 pack fits 1 to 1.25 diameter handle (SKU# – HW01 – 4 X 6)  Super pliable to wrap around tubular door pull handles. These wraps come in two sizes to fit most uniform door handles. It can also be easily trimmed to fit smaller handles. 

Door Handle Wrap Single or /25 pack fits 1 diameter handle (SKU# – HW02 – 3 X 4)  Super pliable to wrap around tubular door pull handles. These wraps come in two sizes to fit most uniform door handles. It can also be easily trimmed to fit smaller handles. 

Door Handle Sleeves /20 pack (SKU# – SL01 – 4 length)  These self-cleaning sleeves are perfect for ADA door handles which are required in most commercial buildings and schools. The last 90 days and are easy to install and remove. Just spray the door handle with a little Windex, and they slide right on.  

Mouse Pad (SKU# MP01 – 7 X 10 This mouse pad is printed on a rigid, super durable nanoSeptic surface with non-slip rubber backing. Perfect for a home, office or school settings.  

TV Channel Guide for Hotels (SKU# – CG01 – 4 X 9)  Talk about a surface that’s touched by most guests and is never cleaned. The nanoSeptic channel guide has room for more than 100 channels and is printed on both sides. 

Tissue Box Cover (SKU# TBC02 – 9 1/8 X 2 3/8 X 4 7/8)  This continuously self-cleaning nanoSeptic cover protects your tissue box. Features a water-resistant surface that can be wiped down. Ships flat assemble with simple tab locks does not include tissue box or tissues

Cell Phone Defense (SKU# – CD01 – Cellf Defense) Great for any phone, tablet or electronic device, these nanoSeptic self-cleaning feet stay clean and keep devices off of dirty surfaces. They are easy to apply – simply peel and stick to the four corners of your device. 

Jumbo Sheet (SKU# – SH01 – 12 X 18) This Jumbo sheet is perfect for custom applications where you want to cut your own size peel-and-stick touchpoints. Gridlines at ½“” and 1“” make measuring and cutting custom size skins easy. And nanoSeptic self-cleaning surface is repeated over the entire body, so no matter how you cut it, the character will always keep its value. 

Light Switch Covers /25 pack  (SKU# – LS01)  Self-cleaning light switch covers fit ¼ traditional light switches. The last 90 days and are easy to install and remove – just pop on and pop off. 

ADA Auto Door Push Button Skin /25 pack (SKU# PP02 – 3.375 X 3.375)  Same peel-and-stick material as our door handle skins. Fits standard square and circular ADA door push buttons. 

Urinal Flush Handle Sleeves /20 pack (SKU# – URINF01)  Bathroom flush handles are carrying a large number of germs. Now you have a solution. 

Bathroom Stall Door Handles Sleeves /20 pack (SKU# – BATHSTALL01)  Bathroom stall door handles are carrying a large number of germs. Now you have a solution. 

Ask about our starter and sample kits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

How does the NanoSeptic Surface work?

One of the surface components is a mineral nano-crystal which acts as a catalyst, charged by visible light. These nano-crystals create a continuous oxidation reaction stronger than bleach. This oxidation reaction breaks down organic material into base components such as CO2. The surface also forms free radicals which, act as an additional cleaning agent.  

What do you mean by ""self-cleaning""?

The NanoSeptic surface continuously oxidizes organic contaminants at the microscopic level. Large scale contaminants must still be removed to allow the surface to do its job. This is similar to disinfectants, which require surfaces to be cleaned before the disinfectant can be effective.  

How should I clean NanoSeptic surfaces?

NanoSeptic surfaces are not affected by traditional non-abrasive cleaners. We recommend wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning utensils that might compromise the NanoSeptic surface.  

How long do NanoSeptic products last?

We recommend replacing facility touchpoint skins every 90 days (quarterly). In some high traffic applications, they may need to be replaced more often. Mats, mousepads and tissue box covers should be replaced annually. Nothing gets used up or expires, so the products’ shelf life is virtually unlimited. Product life is dependent on actual physical wear.  

How do I know when to replace NanoSeptic surfaces?

The most straightforward rule to follow is to replace the skins quarterly and the other products annually. However, the print serves as a wear indicator, so if the text or graphics become worn or faded, it’s time to replace it. If the skins start to peel off, we recommend a replacement to keep the touchpoint looking good. 

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