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    PurOxidize DISINFECTION Professionals

    The worldwide pandemic caused by the deadly SARS-Cov-2 virus (COVID-19), has clearly emphasized the need for effective disinfection and consistent precautions.

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    Electrostatic Sprayers

    Specialists in Electrostatic, ULV Disinfectant Sprayers, Foggers, and Certified Disinfectants.

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    ULV Sprayer or Fogger Machine

    We have all opened our eyes to different types of disinfectant solutions. Technology has created different systems that are effective and easy to use. Disinfectant fogging has been around for a very long time.

    ULV disinfectant foggers come in different shapes and sizes, and each type is best for specific application environments. Please consult with us about which size and shape will work best for you.

    Best Performance

    Electrostatic Sprayers

    These premium products are made to our exact specifications and have passed rigorous testing and certifications to ensure consistent, dependable, and high-quality results.

    All Grizzly Disinfectant products carry the Grizzly label, which offer exceptional performance and the best warranty in the disinfection industry. You can buy and use them with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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    • Individual Lightweight ULV Disinfection Sprayer
    • Clean Disinfectant, Proven to be a Naturally Safe Formula
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    Quality Assurance

    How Electrostatic Cleaning Works

    As our disinfectant droplets exit the electrostatic sprayer, they are given a positive electrical charge. This charge repels the particles from each other, creating a fine mist, and makes them more attractive to all neutral surfaces they are being sprayed on. Just like magnets, they are drawn to surfaces that are negatively charged.





    ULV disinfectant foggers

    Grizzly Disinfection

    GRIZZLY brand

    Electrostatic Cleaning Works

      Complete facility disinfection solutions with effective, affordable and guaranteed results.

    Effective disinfection of contact surfaces against harmful contagious bacteria and viruses has now become routine.

    This is especially necessary for all facilities open to the public or large groups.

    Electrostatic and ULV Sprayers Demonstration

    Features of Our Sprayers

    Services We Offer

    Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect

    What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting?

    Cleaning is the removal of debris such as organic and inorganic material (often called “soil”) from objects and surfaces.


    How does electrostatic cleaning work?

    As our disinfection droplets exit the electrostatic sprayer, they are given a positive electrical charge.

    ULV fogger

    What is a ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) fogging machine?

    ULV fogging equipment is used for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides.


    We have been in the disinfection business for over 15 years.

    If you would like to buy a Grizzly Brand electrostatic sprayer or ULV foggers in the USA, Canada, or even in your local British Columbia area, you have come to the right website. Based in 70 Mile House, British Columbia, we have all of our electrostatic, ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) sprayers/foggers, sanitizers, and disinfectants in stock, which ensures a faster delivery for your convenience. We are the better option because of our variety, allowing you to customize your purchase to your specific needs. You will not have to wait long for your purchase as we ship within a day or two. Our sprayers are Grizzly brand quality, convenient to use, has a quality battery, and they offer superior performance. Our warranty is industry standard and we honour the warranty if there are any problems.

    Homes, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, public facilities, janitorial supplies, fire departments, sports facilities, and more, have all been impacted. They are all reacting to this new, lingering threat to our health and safety. Effective efforts to prevent contamination and infection from this virus (as well as other dangerous pathogens) are now a priority. Equipment that is effective in the disinfection process includes electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and foggers, ULV (ultra-low volume) sprayers and foggers, and biocide foggers.

    In fact, effective disinfection is no longer an option; it is IMPERATIVE! For the sake of your family, employees, and customers, it’s now vital to be pro-active and not wait until a problem develops

    Treatment Methods

    Conventional mopping and spray and wipe methods are still being used in many areas. However, these traditional methods can be a source of cross-contamination. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more aware. The need for a practical and proper approach to hygiene is becoming more and more an issue. Ones that have been advertised from the beginning are social distancing, face mask, washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, and not socially gathering. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye – how about high touch surfaces being a great risk?

    Electrostatic Sprayers has a different take: ventilation, washing your hands frequently before touching surfaces, and having a proper disinfection program in place would be a lot more efficient. We create disinfection protocols designed for your business FREE of charge, all you have to do is be a customer.  Facilities with high traffic or high-risk factors are now using proven updated technology. Electrostatic or ULV spraying offers effective sanitation and disinfection for all facilities. Why? Because the ultra-fine mist provides up to 75% more effective, uniform distribution of disinfectant; even in hard-to-reach areas.  Compared to conventional methods (trigger sprayers), electrostatic or ULV spraying use a fraction of disinfectant solution. It covers the same area in much less time with improved dwell time.


    What is your warranty?
    We offer an industry standard warranty for one year.
    What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing?

    Basic cleaning removes surface dirt, dust, and debris. It does not remove or kill bacteria, viruses, or pathogens.
    Sanitizing kills bacteria on surfaces. However, it does not kill viruses.
    Disinfecting kills viruses, pathogens, and harmful micro-organisms. This has a 99.999% kill-rate.
    Sterilizing is what they do in hospital and lab settings. This has a 100% kill rate.

    Why should I purchase one of your sprayers rather than common spray disinfectants available in stores?

    The grocery store brand might have the advantage of being prepackaged, so all you have to do is spray it. The initial cost can be attractive. However, the quality of the disinfectant solution and nozzle design may not be ideally effective. Also, empty spray bottles end up in the trash if they are not re-used.

    Our Nano Silver disinfection solution is extremely effective, available in ready-to-use spray bottles, and are available in larger refill sizes to save you money. You will also use much less product to get the same coverage compared to conventional store brand disinfectant sprayers. All of our disinfectant solutions are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and certified to kill pathogens, including those causing COVID.

    Our convenient individual sprayer has a long-life rechargeable battery, a one-touch trigger, and is ideal for personal use. Our ULV or Electrostatic sprayers produce ultra-fine mist particles, which reach out of way places, providing even better coverage. Our sprayers, combined with our disinfectant solutions, are the most effective way to combat germs and viruses and to prevent infection.

    How do I choose the right sprayer?

    You should call us if you are uncomfortable making a choice. The best way to choose a sprayer is to know the size of the area you will be spraying and how often. A Grizzly individual sprayer, for example, is used in hotel rooms by housekeeping personnel. A Grizzly H ULV or ESS-100 electrostatic sprayer is used in larger areas such as offices, warehouse space, fire departments, etc. We prefer that you consult with us if you have any doubt so that you can make an informed decision.

    Our Premium Disinfection Solutions

    Provide effective disinfection and sanitation. They kill or eliminate hundreds of pathogens, including today’s common viruses and bacteria, easily, efficiently, and economically. Our Nano-Silver disinfectant solution effectively kills 99.9% of Coronavirus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, H1N1, H3N2, Yersinia Pestis (Bubonic plague), and more.
    See below for current info:
    CDC Summary
    CDC Info
    China Bubonic Plague

    PurOxidize, your disinfection professional, offers a complete range of quality electrostatic and ULV disinfection sprayers, foggers, products, and solutions to effectively sanitize and disinfect spaces in any situation. You can search our products from the SHOP menu. Please refer to our Products page for important delivery information.

    We also offer “Medical Quality” masks for your day-to-day protection; in stock and Made in Canada.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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