About Us

Our Mission

Our sole company focus is to help people live healthier lives by reducing contagious bacterial & viral infection. We always offer quality products to safely, effectively disinfect premises for the health & safety of all users, customers, and employees.

Who We Are

PUROXI, the PurOxidize parent company, has been successfully purifying water and disinfecting agriculture facilities for over 15 years. We have a product that is safe, enviro-friendly and EPA certified. Additional certifications include: OMRI, GRASS, PCO, as a safe & organic product.

We devised a misting system using our own disinfectant formula; with customized, stabilized & accelerated H2O2. In addition to being very effective, it is completely safe and harm-free, because it simply breaks down to oxygen and water.

Electrostaticsprayers.com by PUROXIDIZE has a complete range of premium economical sprayers and solutions for superior DISINFECTION.

Puroxi (OB) has developed effective disinfection products and processes.  We like to say that “bacteria and contaminants never take vacations”. They were everywhere on the farm. They were a major source of illness and disruption in profitable, successful operations.

What makes us different?

We have helped our customers to safely disinfect for many years. So, we know what we are doing. As a result, we have gained valuable insights and experience. We have adapted the latest equipment and technology to offer the most cost-efficient and effective DISINFECTION solutions now available.

At Puroxidize, we value our reputation and the trust of clients that we have earned over the years. We will continue to offer the latest technology for effective disinfection and diligently adhere to our corporate culture, as outlined in the “Keys to Our Success“.


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